Advertise with HRE

Advertise with HRE

Housing & Residential Education offers a variety of ways to advertise in our residential areas. Advertising with HRE has no cost but is limited to University departments and registered student groups.

Types of Advertising

  • Posters
    • Placed in residential buildings and common areas, including the Peterson Heritage Center and Kahlert Village
      • Note: We do not place posters in The Hangar (first floor) of Lassonde Studios. Posters will be placed on the residential floors only.
  • Table Tents
    • Small flyers placed on table tops in residential dining areas, including the Peterson Heritage Center, Lassonde Studios' Miller Cafe, Honors Market in the PHC, and Kahlert Village
  • A Frames
    • Placed in high traffic areas throughout Heritage Commons
  • Lawn Signs
    • Placed in high traffic areas throughout Heritage Commons
  • UBN Screens (Digital)
    • Advertising on digital screens located in the Peterson Heritage Center, MHC lobby, Kahlert Village, and the HRE central office
  • Floor Stickers
    • Placed in the entrance of the Peterson Heritage Center
  • Banners
    • Placed in the lobby of the Peterson Heritage Center or near the PHC shuttle stop
  • Social Media
    • Shared on the Housing & Residential Education social media accounts (@uofuhousing) via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

For more detailed information regarding advertising policies and procedures, please view our complete advertising document here:

HRE Advertising Information

Please reach out to Des Sandoval for questions and scheduling at Note that responses may take up to 5 business days.


We will not accept advertising requests from non-university affiliated departments or groups. Designs must include an official University departmental or student group logo and contact information. Housing & Residential Education reserves the right to reject artwork that does not reflect the standards outlined in the advertising document above.