Student Leader

When you’re a Student Leader you have an exciting opportunity to not only get involved but to develop skills while giving back to the residence hall community.

Each of the Student Leader positions within HRE are different and unique.  Check out the positions tab to learn more about them and to determine which one(s) is the best fit for you!

Administrative Services Selection Process 

Administrative Services Student Leader position descriptions and applications are listed here for current and future opportunities. After completing an application, selected applicants will move forward to the next step in the process: an individual interview with staff.

Desk Assistants (DAs) help create a welcoming environment in the Peterson Heritage Center, the Marriott Honors Community and Lassonde Studios by providing information and answering questions, directing residents, assistance and excellent customer service. DAs work individually and as a team to ensure residents enjoy their experience living on campus.


Mailroom Assistants (MAs) help residential students send and receive mail and packages in the Peterson Heritage Center, the Marriott Honors Community and Lassonde Studios. MAs work to provide excellent customer service while following University policies and federal laws regarding mail to meet the diverse needs of students. MAs work individually and as a team to ensure residents enjoy their experience living on campus!


Housing Ambassadors (HAs) provide aid to students and parents in the HRE central office and are responsible for inventory management, providing excellent and informative customer service, and giving support when needed to other HRE staff. HAs work individually and as members of a team to support students, respond to concerns and inspire prospective students to be excited about living on campus. To apply to be a Housing Ambassador, click the link for the online application.



The Outreach Housing Ambassador supports the Communications & Assessment Coordinator. This HA will provide specialized support to marketing and potential student recruitment efforts. The Outreach HA will assist with housing tours, outreach events, social media content, and more. HRE is not currently hiring for this position. Stay tuned for future opportunities!

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The Event Set-Up Assistant supports the Event Coordinator in day-to-day tasks. This part-time position is responsible for event service, client attention, and overall logistics of events.

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Now Hiring! The IT Support Assistant will work with our information technology team to assist with various in-office tech needs.

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IT Support Student Leader Position



After completing an application, selected applicants will move forward to the next step in the process : an an individual interview with HRE staff and Student Leaders. Individual interviews are specific to each position. You will have an individual interview for each position that you apply for. For example, if you express an interest in the DA and HA positions, you will have two separate individual interviews. If you express interest in only one position, then you will have only one individual interview. The individual interview is estimated to take approximately 30 minutes for each position. Once the application has closed, we will review the applications and offer interviews to selected applicants.


  • If offered an Administrative Services Student Leader position, you will be asked to submit information (i.e. Social Security Number, date of birth) for a background check. You will also be required to complete a Federal I-9 Employment Verification form.
  • Student Leader appointments are for the entire academic year. Candidates must be able to commit to a position for both the fall and spring semesters.

Residential education selection process

The Residential Education process includes Programming Assistants, Resident Advisors, Community Advisors, and Social Justice Advocates. The Resident Advisor, Social Justice Advocates, & Programming Assistants application will open on December 1, 2017 and be due on January 22, 2018. All positions will require a resume and a personal statement. Please have these two documents ready to upload (in PDF form) when you begin the application. Please review the resume and personal statement requirements before uploading these documents.  Please email with any questions or concerns.

Resume and Personal Statement

Prepare a current resume including; but not limited to: history of involvement, educational background, creativity and innovative practices, and/or a list of accomplishments you would like HRE to consider. For resources on resume building, please visit the Career & Professional Development Center.

Please prepare a personal statement, maximum of 500 words, addressing the following: In Housing & Residential Education, we develop an inclusive and engaged community where all members thrive. We do this by supporting collegiate success, fostering a sense of belonging, promoting personal development, and stimulating civic engagement. Please write about how you would enhance our community based off these four learning goals. What excited you about joining this mission as a student leader and what experiences and skill sets do you have that will help us meet this goal? Below is the breakdown of our learning goals for clarification.

  • Collegiate Success: Living on campus balances all the fun and excitement of college life with intellectual growth. We advance skills such as implementing study groups, fostering a community of academia, and maximizing campus resources.
  • Culture of Belonging: In a culture of belonging, each member makes connections and sees themselves as a valued part of the university. An ethic of care supports all residents and emphasized groups that are historically left as the margins within the academy.
  • Civic Engagement: Civically Engaged students commit themselves to the local and global community. We serve people regardless of differences through advocacy, restorative justice, and interpersonal relations.
  • Personal Development: Holistic well being is imperative to success inside and outside of the classroom. This requires an increased awareness about oneself and interpersonal skills. Intentional and ongoing personal development prepares students for participation in a democratic society.

Programming Assistant

Resident Advisor

Social Justice Advocate


If you have any questions or concerns throughout your application process, please feel free to contact our Student Leader Selection Committee Co-Chair, Student Leader Selections