Mission / Values / Org Chart

In 2005 at an all-staff retreat, the mission and values of Housing & Residential Education were formulated.  They have been adjusted and updated since then, however the main framework for the values of how we support students and each other remain core to the culture of our department today.


HRE Department Mission Statement

Housing & Residential Education, a team of dedicated student leaders and staff, serves the University community by encouraging, facilitating, and supporting the learning and development of all residents while creating an inclusive and safe living environment.


HRE Departmental Values

The principles or ideals which guide how we work, it is a working document created by the staff for the staff.

Working together towards common goals; sharing information; including HRE co-workers in decision-making and projects in order to better serve our students/co-workers.

I will:

  • Work to develop trust among all HRE team members by being trustworthy
  • Engage in productive discussion around ideas and concepts and create opportunities to share information
  • Commit to decisions and follow through on plans
  • Hold myself and my colleagues accountable for all behaviors that may negatively affect the HRE team
  • Prioritize the collective results of the department and place the needs of the HRE team above any group or individual needs.
  • Take the initiative to approach others to offer assistance and build relationships
Excellence in Service:

Performing all of my responsibilities to the best of my ability; exceeding the expectations of our students/co-workers and the standards of performance set within HRE; being friendly, sensitive, and willing to help others: showing concern for their needs, listening more and talking a little less.

I will:

  • Provide our students/co-workers with positive, ethical, high quality service regardless of any personal or professional difficulties I may have
  • Give students my full attention with patience and empathy
  • Be attentive and respond to student needs promptly
  • Create an environment that is open and responsive to student/co-worker feedback
  • Seek out and participate in opportunities that enhance my skills and be willing to share my knowledge and experience
  • Give and accept feedback, both positive and constructive

Treating students/co-workers courteously and professionally in all situations; valuing and honoring diversity in others; being honest, direct, and respectful in all communications and loyal to all including those not present.

I will:

  • Validate and value each individual for their unique talents, experiences and identity
  • Approach problems/discussions/projects as a matter of perspective rather than absolute right or wrong
  • Be respectful in my choice of words, expressions, tone of voice and body language demonstrating my commitment to the HRE team and students by avoiding gossip, mean-spirited attacks or other behaviors that may undermine the team or service to students
  • Share ideas, express emotions and give feedback in an appropriate manner, time & place
  • Listen and work to understand others’ points of view and acknowledge their concerns as real

Doing the right thing demonstrated by doing what I say I will do, avoiding hidden agendas, emphasizing and recognizing success.

I will:

  • Tell the truth, setting realistic expectations for ourselves and others; asking for guidance or help when needed.
  • Apologize when appropriate, create a blame free environment, and never shift blame to other HRE or University staff
  • Continually self-evaluate and strive to be self aware
  • Seek opportunities to grow and develop as a staff member
  • Look for opportunities to resolve conflicts and problems, to give others a heads up and to respond, learn and seek solutions that will minimize the likelihood of problems in the future
  • Maintain the highest level of confidentiality by holding sensitive conversations in non-public locations and protecting confidential or sensitive information
Positive Attitude:

Looking at a problem or concern as an opportunity. Demonstrating optimism and cheerfulness and focusing on a person’s or area’s strengths before the weaknesses. Enjoying my work and interaction with others recognizing the contribution I can make to our students/co-workers education while working in Housing & Residential Education.

I will:

  • Recognize that I have the ability to decide my attitude in the workplace
  • Take opportunities to respect and praise co-workers, be open to accepting praise
  • Relish and celebrate individual and team accomplishments
  • Encourage fun and laughter at work whenever it is appropriate, finding creative ways to incorporate fun into daily activities
  • Take my work seriously, not myself – appreciate working in a fun, collaborative environment


Strategic Plan

In 2009 the Division of Student Affairs engaged in a strategic planning process.  In the 2010-2011 academic year, Housing & Residential Education utilized the Division plan to develop the 2011-2016 Housing & Residential Education strategic plan.

In 2016-2017 a Program Review of the department will be conducted to help us launch our next five year strategic plan.

The Housing & Residential Education strategies are:

  • Provide Student Success opportunities through the recruitment and retention of students in both the residence halls and apartments, thus maintaining occupancy levels at or above budget.
  • Progress to maintain a fiscally sound department. This allows us to be good stewards of the University’s funds, make sound financial decisions, and to align our strategy with the students’ and University’s best interest.
  • Support the university experience and student success by engaging residents as learners.
  • Maintain the facilities in a manner that supports student community, safety, and lengthens the useful life of the buildings and equipment.
  • Provide dining offerings and environments that meet the needs of the residents.
  • Strive to recruit and retain a highly skilled team that meets the needs of, and reflects the diversity of, those we seek to serve.


Organization Chart

2016-2017 Org Chart