Mission / Values

In 2005 at an all-staff retreat, the mission and values of Housing & Residential Education were formulated.  They have been adjusted and updated since then, however the main framework for the values of how we support students and each other remain core to the culture of our department today.


HRE Department Mission Statement

Housing & Residential Education creates an engaging community where students live, learn, and thrive. We develop a sense of belonging, provide opportunities for personal growth, and foster a safe and supportive environment. Our team aims to make the University of Utah feel like home.


HRE Departmental Values

The principles or ideals which guide how we work, it is a working document created by the staff for the staff.
staff EXCELLENCE/professional growth:

We commit to continually advance our skills in order to better serve the students, the HRE team, and the greater University of Utah community. Each team member strives to evaluate current practices and their individual contributions to the team. Every supervisor should foster the growth of their staff and provide them with the tools and opportunities to grow. We encourage creative thinking, innovation, and the sharing of knowledge and experience for the advancement of new ideas. Teach when you are able to teach, and recognize that learning is an ongoing process.


We are dedicated to being truthful to students and one another. We demonstrate this by being respectful in our words and actions, by holding ourselves and others accountable. When situations or issues arise, we take timely ownership and offer solutions.

We affirm our commitment to the HRE team by avoiding behaviors that may undermine the team or service to the students, such as gossiping or mean-spirited attacks. We apologize to one another when appropriate and recognize our roles by being self-aware and continuing to self-evaluate.

We exude professional excellence by maintaining confidentiality and protecting sensitive information of both our staff and students.


Our team prioritizes the collective results of the department, starting first with the success of our students. Our mission is their success and it takes the effort of all HRE staff working together to accomplish this. We relish and celebrate individual and team accomplishments. Each team member takes opportunities to respect and praise co-workers and is open to accepting praise and constructive feedback. We look for opportunities to resolve conflicts and problems, to engage in proactive communication and to respond, learn, and seek solutions that will minimize the likelihood of problems in the future. Each team member undertakes the initiative to approach others to offer assistance and build trustworthy relationships.


We believe in the impact our work has on the student experience and are dedicated to creating a warm, welcoming environment for students and staff. We strive to provide our students and co-workers with prompt, ethical, high quality service. We recognize the needs of our students, tailor our resources accordingly, and prioritize them in our work. Serving the diverse community across the University of Utah is a complex task and we must balance efficiency with care for each person. We must also anticipate and plan for the future needs of our community by gathering student feedback and identifying trends within our field.

social justice/inclusion

As individuals & a department, we recognize social justice is an active and ongoing process in which we strive to be self-aware. Equitable environments for the most marginalized is central to developing inclusivity and an engaged community within housing. Through trainings and hiring of diverse staff, we reflect on how histories and current systems impact systems of oppression. We hold ourselves and team members accountable to those negatively impacted by systems of power and privilege. We strive to create restorative practices through validating the experiences of marginalized folx in our day-to-day, 1:1 interactions, and in our policies.

Positive attitude

We commit to take our work seriously while not taking ourselves seriously. We encourage fun and laughter at work whenever it is appropriate and find creative ways to incorporate fun into daily activities. Each team member has the ability to decide their attitude, the energy they bring, and find the positive aspects of that moment. We give and accept feedback, both positive and constructive, and we keep positive attitude while facing adversity.

Strategic Plan

In 2009 the Division of Student Affairs engaged in a strategic planning process.  In the 2010-2011 academic year, Housing & Residential Education utilized the Division plan to develop the 2011-2016 Housing & Residential Education strategic plan.

In 2016-2017 a Program Review of the department will be conducted to help us launch our next five year strategic plan.

The Housing & Residential Education strategies are:

  • Provide Student Success opportunities through the recruitment and retention of students in both the residence halls and apartments, thus maintaining occupancy levels at or above budget.
  • Progress to maintain a fiscally sound department. This allows us to be good stewards of the University’s funds, make sound financial decisions, and to align our strategy with the students’ and University’s best interest.
  • Support the university experience and student success by engaging residents as learners.
  • Maintain the facilities in a manner that supports student community, safety, and lengthens the useful life of the buildings and equipment.
  • Provide dining offerings and environments that meet the needs of the residents.
  • Strive to recruit and retain a highly skilled team that meets the needs of, and reflects the diversity of, those we seek to serve.