Staff Directory


Name Position Phone Email
Aho, Rachel Director of Housing 801-587-0725
Searching Resident Director: Downtown Commons, Cedar Court 700, & U of U at Block 44 Searching Searching
Bates, Jeremy Assistant Director for Information Technology 801-587-0861
Beach, Matthew Assistant Director of Facilities: Maintenance 801-587-2957
Belnap, Spencer Desk & Mailroom Coordinator 801-587-0891
Booth, Nate Associate Accountant for Payable 801-587-0862
Breedon, Christopher Senior Occupancy Coordinator 801-587-0855
Brown, Kristin Event Coordinator 801-587-2908
Buol, Erik Area Coordinator, Marriott Honors Community, Lassonde Studios, & Officers Circle 801-213-8705
Carver, Kolay Assistant Director of Conduct and Resident Outreach 801-587-9718
Searching Graduate Assistant: Marriott Honors Community & Officers Circle Searching Searching
Davis, Timothy Associate Director of Residential Education 801-587-0549
Ferguson, Jacob Resident Director: Sage Point 801-587-2949
Ferguson, Sigi Resident Director: Marriott Honors Community & Officers Circle 801-587-8442
Fuller, Ben Assistant Director for Facilities: Custodial 801-587-0717
Searching Graduate Assistant: Sage Point Searching Searching
Gray, Shelly Custodial Supervisor- Lassonde Studios, Marriott Honors Community, DTC 1&2 801-213-8708  
Gavnik, Tom Project Coordinator 801-213-0725
Gordon, Amber Area Coordinator: Educational Initiatives (RHA & SJAs) 801-587-2954
Hines Jr., Eric Graduate Assistant: Chapel Glen and Gateway Heights 801-587-2960
Hulet, Nate IT Systems Manager 801-213-1117
Hutchinson, Joshua Resident Director: RHA 801-587-2907
Searching Graduate Assistant: Benchmark Plaza & Shoreline Ridge Searching  Searching
Justesen, Todd Director of Residential Education 801-587-0881
Anna Mazzaferro Accounts Receivable Manager 801-587-2948
Searching Graduate Assistant: Programming Assistants Searching Searching
Maschoff, Lexie Assistant Director of Communications & Assessment 801-587-0714
McCarthy, Heather Area Coordinator: Shoreline Ridge, Benchmark Plaza, DTC, CC700, U of U at Block 44 801-587-2910
McCoy Marley, Emily Associate Director of Operations 801-587-0878
McNeil, Cha Resident Director: Social Justice Advocates 801-213-0949
Metcalf Murillo, Tammy HRE Administrative Assistant 801-587-0857
Mirabile, Carolynn Project Coordinator 801-587-0850
Montenegro, Katie Community Manager: Downtown Commons 1 (only between 5 p.m. & 8 a.m.) 801-842-6332
Searching Resident Director: Gateway Heights & Chapel Glen 801-587-2919
Nielsen, Rachel Front Desk and Mailroom Coordinator: MHC & Lassonde 801-213-1495
Olaf, Julie Graduate Assistant: Conduct 801-587-0828
Padilla, Duane Associate Director for Budget and Finance 801-587-0854
Pepe, Michael Data Information Coordinator 801-213-1118
Peralta, Yajaira Community Manager: Downtown Commons 2 (between 5pm-8am) 801-842-6740
Petrovic, Vladimir Assistant Director of Finance 801-587-0862
Petres, Aniko Staffing Coordinator 801-587-0864
Phister, Matt Resident Director: Lassonde Studios 801-213-8706
Pozo, Valery Assistant Director for Resident Services 801-587-0840
Remsburg, Barb Director of Housing & Residential Education 801-587-0851
Rolnicki, Joe Area Coordinator: Chapel Glen, Gateway Heights, & Sage Point 801-587-2918
Ruiz, Patricia Custodial Supervisor 801-587-2912
Sandoval, Des Communications & Assessment Coordinator 801-587-0716
Schreiner, Jenni Assistant Director Of Residential Education 801-587-0860
Scofield, Jo Assistant Director for Budget
Smith, Remy Access Coordinator 801-587-1051
Sutton, Steve Warehouse Supervisor 801-585-0489
Taupa’u, Fa’amai Associate Director for Dining Services 801-213-0688
Thompson, Emily Resident Director: Benchmark Plaza & Shoreline Ridge 801-587-2936
Thren, Jimmy Resident Outreach Coordinator 801-213-8723
Webb, Thomas Associate Director of Facilities 801-587-0852
Wiesenberg, Maraya Assignments Coordinator 801-587-0320