Break Housing Stayover

Stayover is for housing between academic periods. There are three different stayover periods:
May Stayover Between spring closing and summer move-in
August Stayover Between summer closing and fall move-in
Winter Stayover Between fall closing and spring move-in

Students are eligible for Stayover if they were HRE residents and for the upcoming academic semester, they have a reserved space.

winter break period

All residence halls will close between fall and spring semester during the winter break period. Students living in Chapel Glen, Gateway Heights, Sage Point, and Officers Circle will need to move out of their room by 2:00pm on Saturday, December 15th. Students can move back in on January 4th at 9:00am. Students living in apartments do not need to vacate their apartment over winter break. Only residence halls close during the break period.

Winter Break Stayover is run through the University Guest House (UGH)

  • Students interested in staying in UGH will receive a discounted student rate. The cost is $90/night for a standard room. There are 1 bed and 2 bed rooms available. If students choose to share a 2 bed room they can split the cost and each pay $45night.
  • Students reserve rooms directly through the University Guest House. The UGH phone number is 801-587-1000
  • Students do not need to stay in in UGH for the full break, and can choose to reserve a room only for the dates they need housing.
  • There will be no housekeeping service over this stayover period, but residents can request towels and other amenities from the UGH front desk.