Break Housing Stayover

Stayover is for housing between academic periods. There are three different stayover periods:
May Stayover Between spring closing and summer move-in
August Stayover Between summer closing and fall move-in
Winter Stayover Between fall closing and spring move-in

Students are eligible for Stayover if they were HRE residents and for the upcoming academic semester, they have a reserved space.

August Stayover 2018

August Stayover will occur from August 5-15 2018. To partake in August Stayover you must have a Summer 2018 Housing Reservation and an Academic Year 2018-2019 Housing Reservation. August Stayover applications will be available on July 2nd and will be due on July 20 by 5:00 PM to the HRE Main Office. Late applications for August Stayover will be accepted until July 27, 2018 at 5:00 PM, but will have a $100 late fee. The Stayover Application will be available in Housing U which students may access through CIS. You will need to pay the total amount of $420 when you sign up. You can only sign up for traditional Stayover (moving to your fall room) if you will be present during the entire Stayover period.