Break Housing

Break Housing

Break Housing is for housing between academic periods. There are two different Break Housing periods between semesters (May and August), and an additional opt-in Break Housing period for residence halls that close over Winter Break:

May Break Between spring closing and summer move-in
August Break Between summer closing and fall move-in
Winter Break Opt-in for students in residence halls that close for Winter Break; between fall closing and spring move-in


Students are eligible for Break Housing if they were HRE residents for the current semester and they have a reserved space for the upcoming academic semester.

Students residing with us for both academic periods must tell us their plans for the break. In addition, Winter Break, the period between fall closing and spring move-in, is not included in residence hall contracts (Chapel Glen, Gateway Heights, Sage Point, Officers Circle, and Kahlert Village). All residence halls remain open over Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, and Spring Break periods.

Types of break housing
  • Same Room Stay - if you are staying in the same room for both academic periods and will be here for the break period, you may be able to stay in your same bedroom.
  • Same Room Storage - if you have the same room for both academic periods but will not be on campus during the entirety of the break period, you can store your belongings in your bedroom for the break.
  • Room Change - if you have a different room for both academic periods, HRE will arrange your move to your new space during the break period. You must be available the entirety of the break to move on a date determined by HRE.
  • Storage through Dorm Room Movers (DRM) - if you do not have the same room for both academic periods but are interested in storing your items, you can sign up through DRM with the link provided in the form of your Housing U portal.

August Break: August 1-19, 2020

All summer residents must complete the summer move-out/Break Housing application in their Housing U portal. Students with both Summer 2020 and Academic Year 2020-2021 housing contracts are eligible to participate in August Break Housing for an additional fee. August Break is from August 1-19, 2020, between summer closing and fall move-in. The Break Housing Check-In Application opens on July 1 in the Housing U portal, accessible through your CIS account. The deadline to register for August Break Housing is July 17, and a late fee will be added for requests no later than July 24.

Pricing for August Break Housing is as follows:

  • Same Room Stay ($720)
  • Same Room Storage ($0, but no access to room)
  • Break Housing Move - Room Change ($720)
  • Storage through Dorm Room Movers ($39.99 registration fee + cost based on your items). The link can be found in the Break Housing Check-In Application in Housing U, or by visiting the page here:  For the special discounts for the August Break period, contact Dorm Room Movers’ Customer Service line at 866-550-8688. Please note: If you visit DRM site through this link, you will still be required to fill out the application is Housing U.

Online Instruction Extension Period: November 25 - December 12, 2020

To better align with the University of Utah’s modified academic calendar and online instruction period, HRE has made adjustments to fall 2020 housing for residents living in residence halls.

Residents who live in Chapel Glen, Gateway Heights, Sage Point, Officers Circle, or Kahlert Village who wish to remain in their rooms during the online instruction period will be required to fill out the form in their Housing U portal by a date later in the fall semester. The cost is based on the student’s room type and is a flat rate that reflects the entirety of the dates from November 25 - December 12. The student’s meal plan will also extend during this period for an additional cost. Residents will need to move out of their space by 2 p.m. on December 12, 2020. For students interested in remaining on campus for Winter Break, please see options below.

Winter Break: December 12, 2020-January 8, 2021

Winter Break is December 12, 2020 - January 8, 2021. Students living in communities that close over the break must vacate their spaces by December 12 at 2 p.m. if they chose to extend their stay for the online instruction period. Students can move back into their spaces at 9 a.m. on January 8, 2021. However, if students who live in those communities would like to stay on campus for Winter Break, they may reserve rooms in the University Guest House. Students will reserve rooms directly through the University Guest House and do not need to apply through HRE. Students can move back into their spaces at 9 a.m. on January 8, 2021.

Students who live in Kahlert Village will have the option to stay in their spaces during Winter Break for an additional flat rate of $420. This cost reflects the entirety of the Winter Break period (December 12, 2020 - January 8, 2021). To request to stay in their space, residents should complete the form in Housing U. If residents only wish to stay for a few days during the break period, residents may also be able to reserve a room for dates needed directly through the University Guest House.

Buildings closed for winter break:
  • Chapel Glen
  • Gateway Heights
  • Sage Point
  • Officers Circle




Buildings open for winter break:
  • Benchmark Plaza
  • Block 44
  • Downtown Commons 1 & 2
  • Kahlert Village**
  • Lassonde Studios
  • Marriott Honors Community
  • Shoreline Ridge

**Kahlert Village is open over Winter Break and available for an additional flat rate of $420.

Guest House Information
  • Spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Students are encouraged to call the Guest House as soon as possible.
  • Students do not need to stay in the Guest House for the full break and can choose only the dates they need housing.
  • Students are eligible for a special student rate:
    • $90/night for a single room with a king sized bed
    • $90/night for a double room with queen sized beds (students are welcome to share this room and split the cost)
    • **Note: These rates are only valid for students
  • Housekeeping service will enter the space to remove trash daily, but changes will be limited to once a week. Students can request towels and other amenities from the Guest House front desk.
  • For more information and to make a reservation, call the University Guest House directly at 801-587-1000

May Break: tbd

May Break housing for 2021 has not yet been determined. Please check back as we get closer to this date.