Rates & Your Housing Account

Housing & Residential Education understands affordability is a key component when students are deciding on where to live throughout their college career. Most schools across the country require that students pay for the entire semester up front. In order to be more affordable, we allow students to choose to pay on a month-to-month basis, or they can choose to pay the full semester cost up front.

Housing and meal plan charges are billed to the housing account prior to the beginning of each semester. Students can log into their Housing U portal prior to the beginning of the semester to see the total amount owed.



Residence Halls & Apartments

Academic Year

2018-2019 Academic Year Main Campus Residence Halls & Apartments Rates & Dates 

2018-2019 Academic Year Off-Campus HRE Apartments Rates & Dates 

2018-2019 Academic Year Monthly Rates


2018 Summer Rates

2018 Summer Monthly Rates

Meal Plans

Academic Year

Academic Year 2018-2019


Summer 2018

Your Housing Account


Housing Bill vs. Tuition Bill

Housing & Residential Education is completely separate from the tuition office (Income Accounting). You will pay Housing & Residential Education directly for your housing costs and you will pay Income Accounting directly for your tuition costs.


DR vs. CR… Explaining Your Housing U online account

When looking at your Housing U account online, as well as statements we send every month, you may come across a balance that is succeeded with a DR or a CR. If your balance has a DR after it, it means you have a debit balance, meaning you owe this money. If your balance has a CR after it, it means you have a credit on your account and additional payment is not due.


Monthly Payment Schedule

Please see the payment schedule below if you choose to pay monthly.

Payment Due Dates- Fall 2017: Payment Due Dates- Spring 2018: Payment Due Dates- Summer 2018:
August 17th January 5th May 11th
September 1st February 1st June 1st
October 1st March 1st July 1st
November 1st April 1st
December 1st


Late Fee

A $36 late fee will be assessed to unpaid accounts on the 8th of each month. Outstanding balances may include unpaid rent, meal plans, RHA dues, lock-out charges, swipe card charges, damage charges and cancellation fees.


Ways to Pay Your Bill
  • Pay online through your Housing U
  • Financial Aid/Scholarship Transfer- Income Accounting does not automatically send excess financial aid/scholarship funds directly to housing. If you would like your excess funds to be transferred directly to your housing bill, you can select this option when filling out your housing application. [Excess means any financial aid or scholarship dollars that are over the cost of tuition.  Tuition and fees would be covered first before anything is transferred to HRE.]
  • Recurring payments are available. If you would like us to deduct your housing payment automatically on the 1st of each month, please call us at 801-587-2002 and provide us with your credit/debit card number.
  • Visit the Housing & Residential Education office during business hours (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.). We accept cash, credit/debit card and check payments in the office.
  • Call 801-587-2002 to make a payment with a credit or debit card during business hours (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.).
  • Mail a payment to, including the student name and student ID number in the memo section:Housing & Residential Education
    5 Heritage Center
    Salt Lake City, UT 84112


Family Members Providing Financial Support

“I’m the one paying their bill, why can’t you tell me their account total?”

This is a common question we receive from parents/guardians. We greatly appreciate your involvement and support of your student living on campus.

The housing contract is with the student and thereby the cost of housing is their responsibility. If a student has passed that responsibility on to another party, whether explicitly or inherently, then the student needs to take responsibility for releasing any information as well.

The university has a process for students to identify individuals that they would like to have access to certain pieces of information in the student’s record.  Within Housing & Residential Education, students can use this online waiver form to release financial information.

Student directions: If you would like Housing & Residential Education (HRE) to discuss your financial information with your parent/guardian so they can pay towards your account, please log in to the Campus Information Services page and select the link “FERPA RELEASE CONSENT” in the Finance section on the right-hand side.


After the release form loads

  1. Check Housing & Residential Education as an area of release.
  2. Create a PIN (which the person you are selecting to release information to will need to know when they call the office).
  3. Designate the individual(s) who you would like to release information to.


Parent Advice

Frustrations can arise if you are assisting in the financial support of your student and do not have the information you need. Creating a plan prior to the start of the year can help to alleviate these frustrations. Below are options that parents have used in working with their student on financial matters:

  1. The student logs in to their Housing U account to confirm the amount owed for the upcoming month. The student communicates this amount to the parent.
    1. The parent can then call HRE directly with a specific amount to be applied to the students account (801-587-2002).
    2. The parent can write a check and send it to HRE with the student’s Student ID number on the check and the check will be applied to the student’s account.
    3. The parent can provide credit card information to the student to utilize on their Housing U account to pay the bill each month.
    4. The parent can transfer money to the student’s checking account and the student can write a check to HRE in our central office.
  2. If the student signs a FERPA waiver, the parent can call HRE directly, provide the PIN number the student set on their privacy waiver, to ask about the amount owed and make a payment over the phone or send in a check.
  3. A recurring credit card transaction can be set up by calling our central office, 801-587-2002.
  4. The University is currently setting up an E-Check process.  This information will be available with the billing information in August.