Why I chose The University of Utah

Why I chose the University of Utah

Let me introduce myself before I jump into a more personal blog. My name is Danitza Taveras, and I’m one of the outreach housing ambassadors for Housing and Residential Education. Everyone has their personal reasons for choosing the University of Utah, but I’d love to share my experience committing to and attending the U. Hopefully, I can provide clear insight into choosing the right school for you and what it’s like to be a first-year student.

To provide a little more context, I’m originally from American Fork, Utah, so, as a Utah resident,my top two colleges were Brigham Young University and the U. If I’m being completely honest, Ireally wanted to go out of state for a change in scenery. I’ve lived in Utah my whole life, and Ihad a desire to experience life outside of this state. Even though I was allured to some out-of-state schools, I also had to consider other elements tied to attending college. Ultimately, Idecided to stay in-state and attend the University of Utah, and I do not regret it one bit.


According to Rebecca Walsh, vice president of Academic Affairs, The U has the lowest tuitionamong all Pac-12 and Big 10 institutions (based on 2019-20 total tuition and fees for a full-timeresident undergraduate). It also has the highest graduation rate and among the lowest averagestudent loan debt of all public, four-year institutions in Utah.” (@THEU - truth in tuition 2020) With those statistics in mind, how could the other schools I applied to compete? The answer isthey can’t. The low tuition and amazing education cannot be beat. The last thing you’ll want to stress about post-graduation is debt, so choose a university that suits you while offering top notch education at a reasonable price. The University of Utah was definitely a winner when I prioritized the financial component.


The location of the U was a large selling point for me. The university is right in betweendowntown Salt Lake City and the mountains. It’s also super close to the Little and BigCottonwood Canyons, amazing ski resorts, hiking trails, and so much more! For those of youwho’d like to stay in Utah for the summer, there are even more opportunities to enjoy the natural wonders of Utah

Student life

The student life at the University of Utah is ridiculously fun! There’s always somethinghappening on campusand I’m not saying that just to hype up the school. There areintramural sports, collegiate sporting events, and over 100 clubs you could join! One thing I’ve become involved with is Greek life. Being a part of a sorority has given me the opportunity to attend philanthropy events for women's heart health. This sisterhood allows me to get invested in and learn about a good cause while building friendships. The University of Utah wants tohelp you find your community and foster an environment for growth! We're all here for one another no matter what, and that's what makes The University of Utah so great. There’s a community of people ready to cheer you on every step of the way here!

Final remarks

The University of Utah really cares about their students, and it shows. My transition into university life has been made so easy, confirming this is where I’m meant to be. I’m proud to be ato attend this university, and I’m glad I chose this campus. I absolutely love it here, and I wouldn’ttrade the experiences I’ve had for anything.