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Big white question mark in front of an orange background, "What's the big deal with the resident satisfaction survey"

What’s the big deal with the Resident Satisfaction Survey?

Every year, the University of Utah’s campus residents have the opportunity to use their voice and take the Resident Satisfaction Survey (RSS) conducted by HRE. We use this survey to gather your feedback and understand how residents feel about living on campus. HRE strives to create a positive on-campus experience, and your input is crucial […]

An abstract head with the text "What's on your mind" Below is a series of quotes relating to stress and anxiety of college students. Underneath that is 3 statistics on anxiety and depression for college students. To the right is a large grey box with contact information for campus resources.

What’s On Your Mind?

Every year, we go through cycles: it starts cold, turns warm, gets hot, and returns to cold just in time to start again. By this time of year, most of us are feeling some stress from school or anxiety in our personal lives, and, with the cold weather returning, we often start to feel worse. […]

Graphic with a piece of paper that says "Best study spots on campus. Find your go-to spot for midterm season." This graphic has paper clips, pens, and a ruler.

Best Study Spots on Campus

It’s officially midterms week. In preparation, you need to scout out and secure a great study space in order to conquer your tests! Willard Marriott Library Obviously, we couldn’t talk about study spaces without mentioning the campus staple, the Marriott Library. Everyone has their preferences, but the booths on the bottom floor take the gold. […]

"Breakfast on a Budget" breakfast food items such as cereal, eggs, waffles, smoothie, and pancakes floating over a graphic of the sun

Breakfast on a Budget

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet almost a quarter of the United States skips this meal. Consider each of these important reasons to eat breakfast before you skip it:   Contributes to 16% of your daily caloric intake  Kick-starts your metabolism  Fuels your brain  Assists with weight control Your parents say so   I, too, used to question the importance […]

a red background with white text reading "Show U How To: Meal Plans" on the center of the image. Above that is a line drawing of a plate with a fork on the left and knife on the right. At the center bottom of the image is the HRE logo.

Show U How To: Meal Plans

Sam Dalton Outreach Housing Ambassador

Red background with two yellow leaves and text that reads "Top five fall activities in Utah"

Top Five Things to Do in Utah This Fall

1. Hike in Little and Big Cottonwood Canyon.   Little Cottonwood Canyon and Big Cottonwood Canyon are by far some of my favorite canyons in Utah; they’re so beautiful! I may be biased, but I’m fully convinced Utah has the best fall colors. Go check out the colors for yourself and see the stunning mix of […]

a field of red with two figures on the left hand side interacting. To the right of the figures is text that reads "Best Questions to Ask a Stranger"

Best Questions to ask a stranger

Congratulations on making it through your first two weeks of school! Being surrounded by new people you have never seen before, I’m sure you have met your life-long college friend by now, right? More likely than not, it isn’t obvious quite yet. Meeting new people is both exciting and nerve-racking. In order to meet new […]

Grey bars diagonally covering the center of a blurred out image of Lassonde Studios. Text reads Let's learn about resource #UAreHome2021

Let’s Learn About Resources

As our largest class of residents settle into campus, we want to empower you all to explore and learn about the resources at your disposal. Afterwards, explore campus for yourself, take selfies at the resources, and submit them to our #UAreHome2021 contest. Submissions must tag @uofuhousing and use the hashtag #UAreHome2021 to enter; all submissions […]

The outline of a roof with text reading "my first week living on campus as a first-year student. Top tips for settling in."

My First Week Living on Campus as a First-year

I was positively terrified yet excited in the days leading up to my first-year move-in day. I considered calling in sick for college and joining the circus. To me, college just seemed like a big pile of unknowns. I often wondered things like “How am I going to make friends?” and “Am I going to […]

An envelope with the text "A letter to a future resident: Revisited" in the center.

A Letter to a Future Resident: Revisited

Dear Future Resident, More than a year ago, I sat down and wrote the first letter to a future resident. I wrote that letter with hope and excitement for a year that never came. I wrote that for an experience those residents didn’t get; as we eagerly await those experiences to come again, I thought […]