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Biden’s Cabinet: A Look at Some of the President’s Most Prominent Picks

As Joe Biden assumes the presidency, we will start hearing news about the confirmation hearings for his Cabinet. The President’s Cabinet is made up of secretaries, advisors and experts that he deems fit to help advise and guide him in making decisions for our nation. Biden ran on a platform of expanded inclusion and equity […]

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Tips For Moving In: Spring Semester

It’s finally spring semester. We have overcome what may have been the most difficult year of our lives. With the new year comes new resolutions, and maybe even a new room? In the following, we will discuss tips and tricks for moving into your residential space on campus this spring semester! Preparing to move There […]

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Making the best of public transportation

“I didn’t bring a car to college. How can I get around?!” Many students don’t bring a car when moving to college. It’s expensive, time consuming, and simply not necessary when living on campus. Besides, most of the places we need to go are just a 10-15-minute walk away. But what about the times you […]

Cooking Meat Free

Cooking Meat Free

Meat is expensive and veggies are cheaper. I’m going to share some tips on how to cook without meat in ways that will still fill you up.  A MEDITERRANEAN Dish First, if you’re looking to cook something light and fresh that’s a little Mediterranean, I would try cooking with chickpeas and Israeli couscous. If you’re […]

This is Hard…

Is anyone else somewhere between really confused and mildly scared for their GPA? As I forever aspire to write blogs like a hilarious BuzzFeed article, I wanted to take some time to share some of my own humanity, which I think is so valuable when the only contact we have is when we suddenly lock […]

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Cooking gluten free

A good number of people I know on campus have to eat gluten free. Whether that’s because they have celiac disease (an allergy to gluten) or if they just prefer to go without it, it’s always a good idea to know how to cook for friends who have that dietary restriction – and this is […]

Become an Active Bystander

I’m sure most people have heard this phrase from time to time. Some of you might have even attended training at work or school about bystander intervention or some other sort of active bystander training. So, why do we keep reminding you? What about it is so crucial? And why ought you care about it? […]

Your Wellbeing Following Election Day

Mental health resources following election day

This post will be a bit different from usual. We want to connect you to any resources you may need or want to take advantage of following Election Day. I know that this election has a big impact on my life, and it certainly does for the rest of the students at the U. Regardless […]

Why should I get a flu shot?

We have all heard it before, “get your flu shot!” But why is it important? There are tons of reasons actually! Here are a few of the best. It Protects You  Getting a flu shot every year helps you build a lifelong immunity to all sorts of flu viruses, and it allows you to be […]

Pesto Hash

Pesto hash

I hate to write another food blog post but you’ve gotta check this out. I got this breakfast at a restaurant in San Diego last fall break and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. It’s like this restaurant took a bunch of leftovers from the night before (meat loaf, potatoes, spinach, pesto) and mashed […]