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20 Fun Facts About the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

As the Olympic Games end their first full week of competition we thought it might be fun to look back at 20 fun facts to celebrate the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. The first Olympic Games took place in the eighth-century b.c.e. In Olympia Greece. They were held every four years for the next twelve centuries […]

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Who are the Social Justice Advocates?

Housing & Residential Education has more than 100 student leaders. These include resident advisors (RAs), residence hall association (RHA) directors, housing ambassadors, and a few social justice advocates (SJAs). While many people are familiar with their RAs and have attended an RHA event, the question often arises, “Who are the social justice advocates?”  In this […]

Hangout Spots on Campus

Best Hangout Spots on Campus

Living on campus has some of the best benefits to students. Some of these are close proximity to classes, finding your own community, and much more. One of my favorite things about living on campus is the many places to hangout outside of your room. As a student, I’ve noticed that I don’t want to […]

A large group of student leaders posed in front of the PHC with black text centered at the bottom reading What is Residential Education?

What is Residential Education?

Have you ever wondered what Housing & “Residential Education” means? When living on campus, you encounter the term everywhere. You can see the name on buildings, in videos and even on social media. Maybe you have spent most of your college career completely ignoring the HRE office altogether and simply call it “Housing” when you […]

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Expectation v. Reality: Living on Campus

Whether you are an incoming first-year student, a transfer student or a current student, living on campus is a great option for housing while taking classes at the U. Living on campus is typical for first-year students and can be the source of your lifelong memories. There are many benefits of staying on campus while […]

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How to Accept Feedback Like an Artist

You may call it feedback, a critique, or criticism, which is having someone assess you on something you have done. Taking this feedback can be extremely challenging. Often, we take it as a comment on ourselves as people instead of our work and get disheartened. Sometimes, we become so nervous about not succeeding that we […]

Being Involved on Campus Blog Graphic

Being Involved On Campus

So you’ve chosen to attend the University of Utah and live on campus. Now what? As a fellow student, I know that it can be hard to move to a new place without knowing anybody or being involved with the community. That’s why I keep myself involved in activities on campus! After moving to our […]

in the foreground there is a hard hat, hammer, plyers, ruler and floor plans on top of a wooden background. On the right side there is stacked text reading Pardon Our Dust Acknowledging You're a Work In Progress

Pardon Our Dust: Acknowledging You’re a Work in Progress

“Pardon our dust”, sort of a silly phrase, isn’t it? Often, you will see this phrase splayed across construction sites, the internet and just about everywhere anytime something new or different is coming. It is meant to be a light-hearted signifier that even though there is a lot of chaos, noise and dirt everywhere, something […]

Being a Good Neighbor blog graphic

Being a Good Neighbor

When you live on campus at the University of Utah, you’re surrounded by friends and colleagues. Since many students choose to live on campus for part of their academic path, HRE provides many residential options. With this, students are bound to have neighbors and friends who live close to them. Neighbors can provide an amazing […]

What's the deal with meal plans blog

What’s the Deal With Meal Plans?

Living on campus at the University of Utah provides many benefits like the sense of community, close proximity to campus resources and convenience. As a campus resident, you have access to many more benefits including meal plans. Many students purchase a meal plan if they have a busy schedule, prefer to have somebody else cook […]