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Show “U” How To: Parcel Lockers

Sam Dalton Outreach Housing Ambassador

Need Support? Blog Post Graphic

Need Support?

When I moved to campus last fall, I braced myself for change. Regardless of the 30-minute drive to go back home, I faced challenges from being in a new place and not knowing people that I could go to for help. As I began to meet colleagues in my community on campus, I felt more […]

3 viles, a stethoscope and a syringe on a grey table with the words My Vaccine Experience in the lower right corner

My Vaccine Experience

  As the COVID-19 vaccine becomes more available to Utahns, I was fortunate to get my first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine and wanted to tell you all about it in this blog. Where did I go? My roommate and I decided to go to the Dee Events Center in Ogden, which is about a […]

Living on Campus as an Out of State Student

Living on Campus as an Out-of-State Student

Did you know, 22% of the student body at the University of Utah come from out of state? This is a large percentage when compared to similar institutions, and for good reason! The U. offers many things that entice students from all across the world to attend school here including the mountains, advanced programs, snow […]

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Homemade Garlic Knots

Sometimes when you are scrolling through TikTok at 1 in the morning, you see something absolutely delicious and tell yourself, “I could totally make that!” Well, I finally decided to actually make one of the infamous TikTok recipes. I used a quick and easy recipe from the TikTok user @belspies to make homemade garlic knots […]

Living and Learning with a Campus Community

Students, there are so many reasons why you should live on campus. Not only does it put you closer to your classes and activities, but you have a community waiting just past your door. Good news! The 2021 summer and 2021-22 housing applications are now open. So, join a community that will support your transformation […]

Spring into a Healthy Lifestyle Blog

Spring into a Healthy Lifestyle – Meals, Exercise & the Outdoors

As the weather gets warmer (hopefully soon), everyone is beginning to spend more time outside and start spring cleaning. One of the best feelings is getting rid of household items you don’t need and feeling a fresh breeze. You can also get rid of bad habits that may have brought you down during the winter […]

"An Active Gully in Matara Crater" Taken on March 19, 2020

Perseverance, Welcome to Mars

Yesterday, around 2 p.m. MST, NASA’s Perseverance became the seventh rover from Earth and fifth from NASA to land on Mars. NASA has previously sent the rovers Sojourner (1997), Spirit (2004), Opportunity (2004) and Curiosity (2012). There have also been two Russian rovers, Mars 2 and Mars 3, both of which failed upon arrival. Just […]

The Best Valentine's Day Gift: A Healthy Relationship blog graphic

The Best Valentine’s Day Gift: A Healthy Relationship

Love is a funny thing. It can make us happy, sad, excited, and emotional in general. There are many kinds of relationships in our lives: some romantic, some that are strictly friendships (also known as the friend-zone), family relationships, and more. Each year, many people celebrate Valentine’s Day by exchanging candy, flowers, and loving gestures. […]

Upcoming Building Projects at the University of Utah

Upcoming Building Projects @ the U

I have always had a great interest in architecture and construction. Living in housing only excited that more with the construction of Kahlert Village (KV), but all great things unfortunately must come to an end. KV’s construction was completed, so now it’s time to look at some of the new upcoming university construction projects that […]