Most of our spaces come with a meal plan requirement, however, any student is eligible to have one! A variety of meal plans allow you to select one based on your needs. As you plan out your campus experience, we know that a variety of nutritious and delicious foods are very important. On this page you will learn more about dining options, meal plans, processes and more.

The PHC salad bar is a great place to fuel up on fresh vegetables.

Dining Services strives to support the local community and you by providing locally sourced ingredients. Learn more about the local businesses that Dining Services works with regularly here.

Wonder where the leftover food goes?
Dining Services partners with the Recovery Food Network, a student organization, that gathers the food that would otherwise be thrown away and prepares it for donation to the Mission, a local shelter as well as to the on campus food pantry, FeedU Pantry located in the Union. Follow them on Facebook @ facebook.com/foodrecovery.uofu

Food Allergies?
For most, we have a solution. In the Peterson Heritage Center Dining Room, there is a special line called G8, where meals are prepared without the 8 most common allergens: dairy, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree-nuts, soy, wheat/gluten. They work to do their best to avoid cross-contamination, but they cannot guarantee that the meal would be 100% allergen-free.

Students will also find a Vegan focused location in the Dining Room that is prepared by our dedicated vegan chef.

In Lassonde Studios, there is a vegan option at the Miller Cafe as well.

If you are requesting an accommodation for the meal plan, please complete the Meal Plan Accommodation Request at the bottom of this page.


Find the latest meal plans and all the great places to eat on Campus here:

Summer 2016
Academic Year 2016-2017

On the Dining Services site you will find meal nutrition information, the menu, hours of service, and sustainability information.


Dining Services provides students a large variety of places to connect with friends, faculty, and staff over a meal or a drink. Want a direct link to the residential dining hot spots?

Peterson Heritage Center

Honors Market 

Lassonde Studios

In partnership between Dining Services and Housing & Residential Education, the following three locations are open 24 hours a day.

Peterson Heritage Center – Crimson Corner
Donna Garff Marriott Honors Residential Scholars Community – Honors Market
Lassonde Studios –Miller Cafe

No need to leave campus when you have great options right on campus for you!

COMING FALL 2017… THE late night pizza hub at fort douglas

The volleyball courts at the Fort Douglas Army Reserve.

The what? 
The newest dining location on campus is historically called the “Bath House” because it used to serve as the swimming pool location for the Fort Douglas Army Reserve.

Since then, the swimming pool has been filled in with beach sand and there are two outdoor volleyball courts and a basketball court for your use. 

Inside, it is being renovated to become your on-campus pizza hangout.

Naming Contest

Students have helped to create the menu, provide feedback on the design of the space, and are excited for this late-night location set to open in August 2017. We are engaging our campus community to name the pizza hub and want you to participate!

Naming and logo contest guidelines:

As the building is historical, we are not able to adhere the name to the building.  The name and logo for the location would be placed on an exterior sign. The name and logo winner will need to be approved by the University and we reserve the right to request adjustments or to select an alternate. The use of other organization or company brand names, tags, or logos should not be integrated into the submission.

The menu is still under wraps, but there will be a specialty dessert you will not want to miss!

Meal Plan Accommodation Request

Meal plans are required for all students living with us in the residence halls (Chapel Glen, Gateway Heights, Officers Circle, Sage Point, and Lassonde Studios residents in singles and doubles). If, however, you have food allergies or follow a special diet for medical or religious reasons, we are happy to meet with you to discuss your concerns, look at options, and determine the best solution regarding your meal plan.

Please complete the following form and submit it online.  Once HRE has received it and been able to review it, a member of our team will reach out to you to discuss your options.

You may be referred to a member of University Dining Services to discuss options and see if any type of adjustment can be made.  Accommodations are adjusted on the date that the accommodation is approved from the Disability Services & Access Office and are not typically retroactive prior to that date.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are wanting to adjust your meal plan type only, DO NOT complete this form.  You will be notified on how to adjust your meal plan at the beginning of each semester.

Name (required)

UNID (required)

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Residence Hall (required)

Dietary Needs/Concerns

Meal Plan Change Request

Request to change to a Different Plan:
Residents are able to change their meal plan only one time each semester. This opportunity is during the first week of the semester. For the Fall 2016 Semester, Meal Plan Change Requests will only be accepted via this online form until Friday, August 26th, 2016 at 5:00 PM MDT.
All Meal Plans will be changed and made effective on the morning of Friday , September 2nd, 2016, in conjunction with the start of the new Meal Week. Your account will be charged from Thursday, August 18th, through Thursday, September 1st, for your old Meal Plan. Charges for the new Meal Plan will commence on Friday, September 2nd, 2016.
*All meal plans have a certain dollar amount of Flex or Lassonde Dollars associated with that particular plan. Flex/Lassonde Dollar amounts will be added or subtracted depending on which meal plan you choose to change to.
Cancellation of Meal Plan: This option is available to Apartment Residents ONLY. Cancellation requests must be submitted to accounting@housing.utah.edu. The request must be made from your Umail account. All cancellation requests must be received by August 30th. They will be processed to be cancelled as of August 31st. If you choose to cancel your meal plan and you have used more than $40.00 of your flex, you will be charged on your Housing U account for any amount over $40.00.
If you have any questions, contact the HRE Office by calling 801-587-2002, emailing info@housing.utah.edu, or stopping by the HRE Office during business hours.

Meal Plan Change Request