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Most of our spaces come with a meal plan requirement, however, any student is eligible to have one! A variety of meal plans allow you to select one based on your needs. As you plan out your campus experience, we know that a variety of nutritious and delicious foods are very important. On this page, you will learn more about dining options, meal plans, processes, and more.

Food Allergies

For most, we have a solution! In the Peterson Heritage Center Dining Room and Urban Bytes in Kahlert Village, there is a special line called G8, where meals are prepared without the 8 most common allergens: dairy, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree-nuts, soy, wheat/gluten.

Our team of chefs work to do their best to avoid cross-contamination, but they cannot guarantee that the meal will be 100% allergen-free.

Students will also find a Vegan focused location in the dining room that is prepared by our dedicated vegan chef.

In Lassonde Studios, there is a vegan option at Miller Café as well.

If you are requesting an accommodation for the meal plan, please complete the Meal Plan Accommodation Request.

Residential Meal Plan Rates

2021-2022 Plan Information

Summer meal plan options are comprised of flex dollars. Note that plans include Flex 250, Flex 500, and Flex 750.

Summer 2021 Rates

Meal Plan 8, 15, and 21 are meals on a weekly basis while Block plans are meals on a semesterly basis. Please note: Lassonde Studios does not have specific or separate meal plans.

Academic Year 2021-2022 Rates

Meal Plan Eligibility Academic Year Price Fall 2021 Price Spring 2022 Price Flex Amount (AY) Transfer Eligible?
Plan 8 All residents $3,186 $1,582 $1,604 $400 No
Plan 15 All residents $4,527 $2,248 $2,279 $400 Yes
Plan 21 All residents $4,665 $2,316 $2,349 $400 Yes
Block 150 All residents $4,414 $2,192 $2,222 $400 Yes
Block 40 Apartments & OC $1,927 $957 $970 $400 Yes