Bennion Service House

If you’re involved in making significant service contributions to the University of Utah and surrounding community, the Bennion Service House is an excellent Theme Community option for you. The Service House is for all majors, and scholarships through the Bennion Center are available.  If you live in the Service House, you will examine your own civic engagement and participate and promote service experiences throughout the year.  Residents are catalysts to foster life-long service and civic responsibility through action, change, and learning.

Who’s Eligible? First-Year, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Students who are involved with service
Living Learning Community or Theme Community? Theme Community
Area on Campus: Officers’ Circle 614
Associated Courses: There are no associated courses for this community.
Who Selects Residents? Selection for the Bennion Service House is completed by the Bennion Center.
How to Apply? Complete your Housing U Application AND a
Supplemental Application
Bennion Center Contact: Bryce Williams
(801) 581-8436