College of Engineering First Year Floor

College of Engineering First Floor

If you’re a first-year student who is hoping to pursue a degree in Engineering, the College of Engineering First Year Floor is an excellent Theme Community option for you. Residents in the Engineering Floor work together to support each other through the rigors of their courses while deepening their connection to the College of Engineering faculty, staff, and opportunities.  The Resident Advisors in this community are engineering students who can help mentor you through your academic career.

Who’s Eligible? First-Year Engineering Students
Living Learning Community or Theme Community? Theme Community
Area on Campus: Kahlert Village - Heather Kahlert STEM Tower
Associated Courses: Residents in this community take courses towards completion of an engineering degree and select those courses during New Student Orientation.
Who Selects Residents? Selection for the College of Engineering First Year Floor is completed by Housing & Residential Education through lottery
How to Apply? Complete your Housing U Application
College of Engineering Contact: Morgan Boyack
(801) 581-4528