Fine Arts Floor

If you’re first-year or sophomore Fine Arts major, the Fine Arts Floor is an excellent Theme Community option for you. Residents of the Fine Arts Floor are engaged in a community that supports the unique needs of both performing and visual artist and supports their creative works.  If you live there, you and your neighbors will be find great opportunity to connect with Fine Arts faculty and opportunities.  Additionally, you will find camaraderie among people who understand the demands of a career in the Arts.

Who’s Eligible? First-Year Students enrolled in the College of Fine Arts
Living Learning Community or Theme Community? Theme Community
Area on Campus: Sage Point 813
Associated Courses: There are no associated courses for this community.
Who Selects Residents? Selection for the Fine Arts Floor is completed by the College of Fine Arts
How to Apply? Complete your Housing U Application
College of Fine Arts Contact: Liz Leckie
(801) 585-3066