Major & Career Exploration Floor

If you are a first-year student interested in exploring all of the academic options that are available at the University of Utah, the Major and Career Exploration Floor is the Living Learning Community for you.  Residents will engage in yearlong exploration events and work one on one with career coaches and academic advisors to better understand interests, goals, strengths, and values to assist in exploring majors and possible career paths. Residents will take a one credit hour course on Major Exploration and work on advancing key career skills like networking and creating a future action plan.  Come spend your first year developing connections and building a community with other exploring students.

Who’s Eligible? First-Year Exploring Students
Living Learning Community or Theme Community? Living Learning Community
Area on Campus: Sage Point 813
Associated Courses: UGS 1050 Major Exploration
Who Selects Residents? Selection for the Major & Career Exploration Floor is completed by the Living Learning Community partners
How to Apply? Complete your Housing U Application
Major & Career Exploration Contact: Megan Randall,, 801-587-8480
Marshal Beach,, 801-581-7974