S.J. Quinney Honors Law House

If you’re a current S.J. Quinney College of Law student or an active member of the Honors College and an Honors Legal Scholar or considering Law School in the future, the S.J. Quinney Honors Law House is an excellent Theme Community option for you. The Honors Law House provides an environment and experiences designed to ensure your academic and professional success.  If you live in the Honors Law House, you will get to interact with guest speakers, meet with advisors to support legal education, and have the opportunity to visit the courthouse.  No specific classes are required for residents who live in the Honors Law House, but there are courses that are recommended.

Who’s Eligible? Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Students who are active in the Honors College and S.J. Quinney College of Law students
Living Learning Community or Theme Community? Theme Community
Area on Campus: Officers’ Circle 608
Associated Courses: Recommended courses include Social Media and the Courts (Fall Semester), Privacy in the Digital Age (Spring Semester), and Civil Rights Law (Spring Semester)
Who Selects Residents? Undergraduate selection for the S.J. Quinney Honors Law House is completed by the Honors College.  Law students should contact Housing & Residential Education directly.
How to Apply? Complete your Housing U Application AND a
Supplemental Application
Honors College Contact: Matt Kirkegaard