U Lead Community

Anyone can be a leader.  If you’re a first-year or sophomore student who wants to develop as a leader, the U Lead Community is an excellent Living Learning Community option for you. Residents in the U Lead Community take Leadership 2020: Foundations in Leadership together, participating in the Student Leadership Conference, and participate in clubs and organizations on campus.  The U Lead community is a great way to begin your Leadership Certificate or the Leadership Minor at the U.  Additionally, involvement in the community will place you beside likeminded peers who will strengthen your leadership growth.

Who’s Eligible? First-Year and Sophomore Students
Living Learning Community or Theme Community? Living Learning Community
Area on Campus: Sage Point 813
Associated Courses: Residents are required to complete LDRSP 2020:  Foundations in Leadership.
Who Selects Residents? Selection for the Undergraduate Research Floor is completed by Housing & Residential Education through lottery
How to Apply? Complete your Housing U Application
Housing & Residential Education Contact: Tasha Myers
(801) 581-7526