Safety, Security & Support

Your safety is our highest priority as you enter the residence halls and we hope you also prioritize your safety.

As a friend and/or as a roommate, you are likely to have an individual that you know share with you that they have experienced sexual violence of some kind.  This may have taken place prior to or during their college career.  Know your resources to be prepared to step into a situation to potentially change the outcome or to support a friend and/or roommate when sexual violence has occurred.

What is Bystander Intervention?

Bystander intervention training empowers students to intervene in (and prevent) potentially harmful situations. Stepping in to assist another person that is experiencing harm or abuse is an important part of helping and supporting people in our community. Standing up to de-escalate violence can be difficult but each student at the U plays a valuable role in making our campus a safer place.

The Center for Student Wellness’ training is built on national examples of bystander intervention. It is designed to mobilize students, raise awareness, and provide skills to recognize, intervene, prevent and/or stop inappropriate comments, actions and behaviors – with an emphasis on stopping interpersonal violence, rape, and sexual assault.

The University of Utah Center for Student Wellness is home to Sexual Assault Support Advocates,

Sexual Assault Advocates

Other resources on campus to support sexual assault survivors

University Police Department, 801-585-2677

Housing & Residential Education on call staff, through the front desk:

  • Peterson Heritage Center: 801-587-2000
  • Marriott Honors Community: 801-587-8444

Dean of Students, 801-581-7066

Office of Equal Opportunity (Sexual Misconduct reporting and investigation), 801-581-8365

University Counseling Center, 801-581-6826

LGBT Resource Center, 801-587-7973


Residence Hall and Apartment Safety Related Items:

  • All residence halls main doors are locked 24 hours per day to avoid unauthorized entry. The community spaces within Marriott Honors Community and Lassonde Studios are open during designated hours. Access is only given to residents for the building in which they live.
  • The Peterson Heritage Center, Marriott Honors Community, and Lassonde Studios main desks are open 24 hours a day throughout the academic year. Staff is available to take calls 24 hours a day by calling the front desk of your service area:
    • Peterson Heritage Center: 801-587-2000
    • Marriott Honors Community:801-587-8444
    • Lassonde Studios: 801-213-8700
  • RAs live on every floor and are on call every night as a resource and can assist in emergency or crisis situations. These staff members perform community walks through every building multiple times per night.
  • The Department of Public Safety provides all police-related services needed within Heritage Commons. UPD officers patrol the campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help safeguard the U community. Non-emergency police can be contacted at (801) 585-COPS (2677). In cases of emergency call 911.
  • Many students need to be on campus at night or at odd hours. You may request an escort from UPD at any time by notifying the dispatcher where you are and request an escort to a particular campus location. UPD will dispatch a security officer to walk with you or to give you a ride to your desired location. (801) 585-COPS (2677).
  • The campus alert system is a messaging service that alerts students to potential weather conditions safety threats and other hazards that may occur across campus. You are automatically signed up in the University of Utah Campus Information Systems and must opt out of you do not wish to receive these messages.

Reporting Concerns or Incidents

Part of the campus experience is to engage with your community and to learn to live cooperatively with others. If you have feedback for your roommate or with your neighbors we encourage you to address the individuals directly. If you need support in how to approach a conflict, or if individuals you wish to communicate with are not responsive, please feel welcome to call the Information and Service desk to ask that the duty RA be dispatched to the area to help address the situation.


Peterson Heritage Center: 801-587-2000

Marriott Honors Community: 801-587-8444

Lassonde Studios: 801-213-8700


If there is an incident of crime taking place (underage drinking, possession/consumption of drugs, weapons) please call to have the duty staff respond. If the incident is NOT currently taking place, you can still call the on-duty RA to report the incident and have them follow up.

You can submit a report to housing staff regarding policy violations at the bottom of our home page by clicking on the Incident Report icon. This report will then be routed to staff in your area. It is important that you are as specific as possible in the incident report and that you provide your contact information.

If it is urgent or an emergency, please call 911.

Please take responsibility for your welfare as well as the welfare of others in your community. Report all suspicious or concerning activity.

Safety Tips

Always stay alert. Know your surroundings. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Trust your instincts.

For individuals who are considering perpetrating a crime- don’t do it.  You are a member of this community where there is a great deal of trust put into each other.  Everyone is trying to reach their goals, if you commit a violation on the community, it does impact your neighbors.

Moving In: Moving into the residence halls is an exciting process.  It is easy to be so focused on moving that you forget to stay hydrated, so drink fluids and take rest as needed.  Enjoy the experience!

Securing Your Door: The door to your residence hall has an automatic lock mechanism—tampering with this function is a violation of policy. Notify staff immediately if you find that your door is not locking automatically. Even if you plan on visiting a friend’s room down the hall, pull your door closed tightly. Crimes of opportunity can take place in seconds. The University will not be responsible for any stolen items. Many of our rooms are suite-style; please make sure to lock your door so as to not jeopardize the safety of your suitemate and/or their belongings.

Securing Valuables: Make sure you place items of value (cash, jewelry, and checkbooks) out of sight and in a safe place only known by you. You can rent a safe through HRE for the academic year.

Keys: Do not loan your keys to others—it is a safety issue as well as a policy violation. Report all lost/stolen keys to the PHC desk immediately. If you are missing your keys but are not sure they are lost, report it nonetheless. Necessary precautions can be taken.

Solicitation: It is against Residence Hall Policy for any individual, business, or private vendor to solicit or sell items in your building, no one should be coming to your door attempting to give you information or to sell you anything.

Suspicious Persons or Behavior: If you see or encounter a suspicious person report them immediately to an RA and to University Police. Avoid confronting a suspicious person. Do not give them any information about yourself or anyone else. Give the dispatcher as much information as you can about the suspicious person. If you notice something odd or unusual please report it to your RA and to University Police immediately.

Stolen Property: Please report stolen and missing property immediately to a Housing & Residential Education staff member and to the University Police Department. The sooner a theft is reported the better the chances of recovery.

Vehicles: Always keep your vehicles locked and windows rolled up. Avoid keeping items of value in plain sight. Report any break in, accidents, and vandalism of your car immediately to University Police.

Campus at Night: It is always a good idea to avoid walking alone at night especially in low-lit areas. If you are uncomfortable walking alone, you may contact the University Police Department for an after dark escort. This service is free and offered seven days a week, even on weekends and holidays.

Safety & Security Report: Each year the University Police Department compiles the annual Safety & Security report in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Act. To access this information, click on the link above.