Housing and Residential Education is invested in your experience at the “U”. At times, you may find yourself needing additional support. HRE has established connections to resources all over campus. Our goal is to connect you with resources at the “U” based on what you need.

To start, reach out to your Resident Director and/or Resident Advisor. They have a wealth of knowledge of campus resources. You may also contact the Resident Outreach Coordinator at The Resident Outreach Coordinator is a full-time staff member dedicated to supporting students along their journey at the U. HRE staff members will introduce what resources are available and assist in connecting you with those resources. Contact information is below:

Housing & Residential Education on call staff, through the front desk:

  • Peterson Heritage Center: 801-587-2000
  • Marriott Honors Community: 801-587-8444
  • Lassonde Studios: 801-213-8700

HRE Staff Members: 

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Matt Phister
RD: Lassonde Studios

Sig Ferguson
RD: Marriott Honors Community & Officers Circle

Jorge Ramírez
RD: Sage Point

Heather McCarthy
AC: Chapel Glen, Gateway Heights, & Sage Point

Jimmy Thren
Resident Outreach Coordinator

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Emily Thompson
RD: Benchmark Plaza & Shoreline Ridge

Cha McNeil
RD: Social Justice Advocates

Joshua Hutchinson
RD: Residence Hall Association

Shane Rivera
RD: Block 44, Cedar Court 700, and Downtown Commons 1 & 2

Kolay Carver
Assistant Director of Conduct and Resident Outreach


Resources at the U:

Department Name Phone Website 
Department of Public Safety (Police, Security, Dispatch, Emergency Management) 801-585-2677 
Dean of Students, (Student Conduct, Behavioral Intervention) 801-581-7066

University Counseling Center

Student Health Center 801-581-6431
Center for Student Wellness (Health Education, Victim-Support Advocacy) 801-581-7776
Center for Disability & Access 801-581-5487
International Student & Scholar Services 801-581-8876
Office for Equity and Diversity (American Indian Resource Center, Black Cultural Center, Center for Ethnic Affairs, LGBT Resource Center) 801-581-7569
Veteran Support Center 801-587-7722 
Women’s Resource Center 801-581-8030

Office of Equal Opportunity (Sexual Misconduct reporting and investigation),