Moving Out

Moving Out

Summer Closing

All residence halls and apartments close on Saturday, August 1 at 2 p.m. Students must clean their space and return their key by this time.

We recognize that due to the evolving nature of the COVID-19 situation, your plans may change and you may wish to move out of your space on a different date than you originally indicated in your summer housing application. There will be no fees or penalties for modifications made to your summer housing contract. If you wish to change your summer move out date to a date prior to August 1, please contact the HRE Office and we are happy to assist.


Improper checkouts may incur an improper checkout fee plus a $10 late fee every hour.

Before you move out of your room, it is important to follow the steps below to ensure you have properly checked out:

1. Clean your space and remove all belongings. This is VERY important to avoid damage charges.
2. Please return your microwave and fridges – cleaned and defrosted if applicable - to your area’s front desk.
3. Turn in your key to the front desk in your area. If you do not turn in your key by your move-out or pick-up date, you will be charged a $60 lock change as well as a $100 improper checkout fee. As soon as you turn in your key, you will no longer have access to your space.

Area Check-out Instructions
Heritage Commons Turn in your room key at the Peterson Heritage Center.
Block 44 Check out by dropping off your building fob (small black key), your mail key, and parking access fob at the Peterson Heritage Center.
Downtown Commons Turn your room and mailbox key at the Peterson Heritage Center.
Moving Out Resources
  • Cleaning supplies, including all-purpose cleaners and vacuums, are available at all of our front desks for check-out
  • Dollies and red carts are available to check-out for 1-hour periods but supplies are limited