Terminating Your Contract

Terminating Your Contract

When signing up for housing, you signed up for one of the following contracts:

  • Academic Year Housing: This contract includes BOTH the Fall and Spring academic semesters.
  • Spring Housing: This contract is only for the Spring academic semester.
  • Summer Housing: Your summer contract is dependent upon which term(s) you enrolled in courses.


If you are terminating your contract, you have two types of contract termination:

1. Withdrawal: you are no longer attending the U on the main campus
2. Cancellation: you are still taking classes on the main campus

Please select the termination type below for more information and the associated fee schedule.

Contract Appeal Process

If exceptional, extenuating circumstances are the cause for you to need to cancel your housing contract, there is a contract appeal process. The first step in the process is completing a Contract Appeal Form (PDF). The appeal needs to be completed by the student and include the reasons and time frame for appeal.


A contract cancellation is when a student will continue to be enrolled at the University of Utah, but does not wish to live in an HRE facility for the duration of their contracted period. If you cancel your contract, there is a fee. Please see the Contract Cancellation Fees and Schedule for details.

  • Students who are getting married or who are deployed for military service are not subject to contract cancellation fees when appropriate paperwork is given as part of their contract termination. Please cancel your contract as soon as you receive deployment paperwork or set your date for marriage.
  • If you wish to cancel your housing contract due to changes in our resident addendum for the spring 2021 semester, you may do so penalty-free until 11:59 p.m. on January 8, 2021 by canceling in Housing U in CIS and noting this as your reason.
Contract Termination Instructions

Contracts must be terminated by completing the Contract Termination section in your Housing U account. Once in Housing U, there is a tab on the top page for the contract termination section. We ask that students give HRE seven (7) days notice prior to their move-out date so we can alert staff of your check-out. Please note: cancellation fees are determined by the checkout date, not the date the cancellation form is submitted.

Cancellation Fees and Schedule

For students who do a contract cancellation, the fees and the schedule are detailed below. These fees are intended to generate a full academic year commitment by students and insure that we can accommodate individuals who desire the on-campus living experience.

2020-21 ACADEMIC YEAR CONTRACT prior to occupancy: Fall CANCELLATION Fee

Termination Date Fee Explanation of Charges to Account
Prior to June 15 $0 Reservation fee refunded, if paid
June 16-July 1 $200 $200 charged to account
July 2-August 1 $500 $500 charged to account
August 2-August 19 $900 $900 charged to account
August 20 or later $1,300 $1,300 charged to account

2020-21 ACADEMIC YEAR CONTRACT after occupancy: Fall CANCELLATION Fee

Move-out Date Fee Explanation of Charges to Account
Fall Move-in Day to August 31 $2,250 Cancellation fee will be assessed to your account
September 1-15 $2,100
September 16-30 $1,950
October 1-15 $1,800
October 16-31 $1,650
November 1-15 $1,500
Students not intending to continue for the Spring semester and who move out November 15 through the last day of the fall semester will pay the cancellation fee and be charged through the last day students can live on campus. We do not pro-rate the last two weeks of each semester. $750 If you notify HRE by October 1
$900 If you notify HRE by November 1


If you notify HRE by November 25


Day after fall semester closing day-spring semester move-in day $1,500


2021 SPRING CONTRACTS ONLY prior to occupancy: Spring CANCELLATION Fee

Termination Date  Fee Explanation of Charges to Account
Prior to December 1 (If you only have a Spring, not academic year contract) $0 Reservation fee refunded, if paid
December 1-spring semester move-in day $580 $580 charged to account

 SPRING and ACADEMIC YEAR CONTRACTS after occupancy:  Spring 2021 Cancellation Fee

Move-out Date Fee Explanation of Charges to Account
Spring semester move-in day - January 31 $1,350 Cancellation fee will be assessed to your account
February 1-14 $1,100
February 15-28 $950
March 1-15 $800
March 16-31 $650
April 1-19 $500
April 20 -spring semester closing Contract Balance


2020 SUMMER CONTRACTS ONLY prior to occupancy: Summer CANCELLATION Fee

Termination Date Fee Explanation of Charges to Account
Cancellation until May 2, 2020 $0 Reservation fee refunded, if paid
Cancellation after May 2, 2020 or 72 hours after making a room reservation after May 2, 2020 $200  $200 will be charged to your housing account

SUMMER 2020 CONTRACT ONLY after occupancy: Summer CANCELLATION Fee

Move-out Date Fee Explanation of Charges to Account
Any time during summer contract - If you wish to change your summer move-out date, please contact the HRE office to do so $0 Due to the evolving COVID-19 situation, no fee will be applied for changing your summer move-out date.

*Housing & Residential Education defines occupancy as the moment when a resident takes possession of their room/suite/apartment key.


If you have any questions about your contract termination, please do not hesitate to contact our office for more information.