Moving Out

Winter Closing

Winter 2021 Closing

All residence halls will close on December 18 at 2 p.m. Residence halls include Chapel Glen, Gateway Heights, Sage Point, Officers Circle, and Kahlert Village.
Closing Dates
  • Residence Halls: Chapel Glen, Gateway Heights, Sage Point, Officers Circle, and Kahlert Village will close December 18 at 2 p.m. After this time, you are not permitted to be in your room, but you may leave all belongings in your room during the break. Make sure you take anything with you that you will need as you will not have access to retrieve items. If you wish to remain on campus during Winter Break, you may sign up for Break Housing.
  • Apartments and Lassonde Studios: Benchmark Plaza, Shoreline Ridge, Downtown Commons 1 and 2, U of U Block 44, Lassonde Studios, and Marriott Honors Community will remain open through the entire winter break period. You do not need to vacate your space and rent for that duration is included in your Housing U bill.
Break Checklist

Before you leave for Winter Break, please complete this checklist:

  • If you will be returning to your room for the spring semester, keep your key and UCard with you. You will use the same key and card to access your room in the spring.
  • Close and lock windows and leave blinds closed.  Be sure your windows latch and lock properly—if they do not, let your RA know immediately.
  • Turn the heat on and the fan to low. The temperature must be set in the middle (we recommend you set it at 70 degrees, but no lower).
  • Remove all perishable food items from your room.  Be sure that all perishable food items are also removed from refrigerators.
  • Empty the trash and take the recycling out.
  • Unplug all items in your room.
  • Clean your room, bathroom and common living area.  Cleaning supplies are available at your area front desk. If your bathroom is dirty, you may be billed for custodial staff to come in and clean it.
  • Take valuables & medication home with you.
  • If you have a vacant space in your room or suite
    • You should expect a new roommate for the spring.
  • Please be sure the commons areas have space for your new roommate and that they will feel welcome upon arrival in January.
  • If you are in a double, the space not assigned to you must be clear of your belongings.
  • Close and lock your bedroom and suite door.
  • If living on upper campus, move your car to the 813/814 (Lot 87) Sage Point parking lot so Grounds staff can plow the parking lots.

Note: Our housing team will be checking all rooms after the halls close to check on safety concerns and facility issues. Improper checkouts may incur an improper checkout fee plus a $10 late fee every hour past the move-out deadline.

If you are NOT returning for spring 2022:

Before you move out of your room, it’s important to follow the steps below to ensure you have properly checked out:

  • Cancel your contract following the steps outlined in our termination process.
  • Clean your space and remove all belongings. This is VERY important to avoid damage charges.
  • Please return your microwave and fridges – cleaned and defrosted if applicable - to your area’s front desk.
  • Check-out and turn in your key to the front desk in your area. If you do not turn in your key by your move-out date, you will be charged a lock change as well as a $100 improper checkout fee. As soon as you turn in your key, you will no longer have access to your space.

Note: Late checkouts will incur an improper checkout fee plus a $10 late fee every hour after our halls close.

Off-Campus Check-Outs

  • If you live in Block 44, check out by dropping off your building fob (small black key), your mail key, and parking access fob to the Leasing Office.
  • If you live in Downtown Commons, check out by returning your room and mailbox key to the Peterson Heritage Center.
  • Cleaning supplies, including all-purpose cleaners and vacuums, are available at all of our front desks for check-out
  • Dollies and red carts are available to check-out for 1-hour periods but supplies are limited