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Welcome home!

Do you want to make the most out of your college experience? Here’s your chance—live on campus at the University of Utah! Living on campus puts all the U has to offer right outside your front door—classes, friends, food, and fun events. The U has lots of housing options for you to choose from, including residence halls in the 2002 Winter Olympic Village, Heritage Commons, and our brand new residence hall that opened in August 2020, Kahlert Village! We've developed an inclusive and engaged community where all members thrive; we just need U

The 2021-2022 housing application opens on February 10, 2021. You can apply to live on campus prior to confirming your intent to enroll! To fill out a housing application, you just need that you be admitted to the University of Utah and pay the $130 one-time non-refundable application fee.


How to Apply
  1. Log into CIS and select "Student Homepage"
  2. Click on the "Student Housing" tile
  3. Select Housing & Residential Education" from the menu, then click "Housing U"
  4. Click on the "Apply for Housing" tab and follow the instructions to begin a 2021-22 application
  5. Submit your application and pay the application fee by the priority deadline
  6. Reserve a room at your assigned reservation time


Student Housing tile in CIS

LLC Priority Deadline

MARCH 10, 2021

General Priority Deadline

APRIL 1, 2021

LLC Housing Timeline

First-Year Communities

First-year students can live in a variety of housing options on campus. From traditional residence hall-style housing in Heritage Commons, to Lassonde Studios cluster communities, to our brand new residence hall on lower campus, Kahlert Village! Check out all the options below!
Virtual Housing Tours


*Indicates living option that may require a separate application

Chapel Glen

Chapel Glen is located on the East side of Campus within Heritage Commons, the 2002 Winter Olympic Village, and is traditional, residence-hall style housing for first-year students. Chapel Glen features single, double, and limited triple suite-style rooms. Students will also have access to fitness rooms, bike storage, and a meditation space.

Gateway Heights

Gateway Heights is located within the 2002 Winter Olympic Village, Heritage Commons! Near the Peterson Heritage Center, each Gateway Heights building is single-gendered, traditional, residence-hall style housing for first-year students. Gateway Heights features single and double suite-style rooms. Gateway Heights has bike storage options in both buildings, communal kitchenettes, and lounge areas.

Kahlert Village*

Be one of the first to live in Kahlert Village! Our newest residence hall is opening for first-year students this fall! Kahlert Village is located on lower campus near the Student Life Center and Huntsman Center and will feature a buffet-style dining hall on the first floor, single and double suite- and cluster-style rooms, and four living learning communities!

Lassonde Studios Clusters*

Lassonde Studios is located on Central Lower Campus near the Student Life Center, Gardner Commons, and the Student Union. First-year students will be able to live in cluster-style communities. Lassonde Studios also features a 20,000 sf innovation space where students can connect, test ideas, and build prototypes.

Officers Circle*

Officers Circle is located within Heritage Commons near the Peterson Heritage Center, Stilwell Field, and the Legacy Bridge, which makes access to campus easy and convenient. Comprised of 10 individual historic houses, Officers Circle is unique in that most of the houses are centered around a different academic or themed focus. All houses are mixed gender and feature large lounge spaces, front porches, and kitchens.

Sage Point*

Sage Point is located on the East side of Campus within Heritage Commons near the Peterson Heritage Center and is traditional, residence-hall style housing for first-year students. Sage Point features single, super single, double, and super double suite-style rooms. Sage Point also features multiple living learning or themed communities  for students to be a part of!

Room Types

Variety of room types for students!

HRE offers students multiple room types, all furnished with a twin XL-bed, desk & chair, 3-drawer dressers, and built-in closets or wardrobes.

  • Suite-style single
  • Suite-style double
  • Suite-style triple (offered in Chapel Glen only)
  • Cluster-style single
  • Cluster-style double
  • Single (offered in Officers Circle only)
  • Super single
  • Super double (offered in Sage Point only)
  • Single deluxe (offered in Officers Circle only)
  • Double deluxe (offered in Officers Circle only)

Suite-style room type

Cluster Style

Community of 30-40 students with single or double bedrooms around perimeter with 8-10 shared, private bathrooms.

Suite Style

Two bedrooms, either singles or doubles, that connect with a shared bathroom for suitemates. In Kahlert Village, vanities are in-room.

Meal Plans

Students living in residence halls and Lassonde Studios' cluster communitites are required to have a meal plan. Housing & Residential Education offers residents a variety of meal plans to meet your unique needs! Meal plans are designed for students to have a specific number of meals on a weekly basis and can use their plans at a variety of locations across campus, including in the newest, all-you-can-eat dining hall on the first floor of Kahlert Village and the Peterson Heritage Center dining hall located in Hertiage Commons!

Meal Plan 8

8 meals per week

Meal Plan 15

15 meals per week

Meal Plan 21

21 meals per week

Block 150

150 meals per semester

Block 40**

40 meals per semester

**available for students living in apartments or Officers Circle.

We can't wait to welcome you home!