Optional Services

Housing & Residential Education offers the following optional services to students living on campus. These optional services are available to help you expand your space, cater to your lifestyle or give you peace of mind. You can sign up for these services through Housing U in CIS upon reserving your room, in person in the HRE office, or by sending us an email. Please note, not all services are available in all communities. HRE shall provide utilities (electricity, gas, water, sewer, trash). Technology connection options (internet, wireless, internet television, cable television) differ by housing location (see the housing application for details).

Pricing for the 2017-2018 year is built into the drop downs. As your Move In day approaches, we encourage you to communicate with your future roommates regarding who will be responsible for which item(s).

Pricing for the 2018-2019 year is available in draft form here: 2018-2019 Optional Services Draft



Volume: 4.3 cubic feet
Width: 20″
Depth: 20″
Height: 33″

*style and color may vary

2017-2018 Academic Year:  $112/academic year ($56 per semester)

Available at: Heritage Commons, the Marriott Honors Community, Cedar Court, Downtown Commons and Lassonde Studios.

Refrigerator Rental Agreement

Students may wish to rent a microwave for $52 per Academic Year or $26 per semester, in order to not have to bring or purchase one.

Microwaves are currently available to residents in community kitchenettes in the following areas:

  • Officers Circle
  • Chapel Glen
  • Gateway Heights
  • Sage Point
  • Lassonde Studios

Microwaves are currently available to residents in their apartment kitchen in the following areas:

  • Downtown Commons
  • Marriott Honors Community
  • Lassonde Studios
  • Benchmark Plaza
  • Shoreline Ridge
  • Cedar Court

Microwave Rental Agreement


Storage is for one bicycle only. No other personal property may be stored here. If property other than a bicycle is stored, the property will be removed without notice and disposed of. No motor-powered vehicle (including mo-ped or like vehicles) or flammables fuels may be stored. The use of the storage space may not be sold to anyone.


2017-2018 Academic Year: $48/ academic year ($24 per semester)

Available at: Heritage Commons (Officers Circle residents are able to purchase storage in Gateway Heights located across the street), the Marriott Honors Community and Lassonde Studios.

Indoor Bicycle Storage Agreement

A bed loft is a wooden frame that elevates your bed to the height of a bunk bed. In place of a lower bed, you have space to arrange furniture. The picture below depicts the 55.5 inch version of the loft. This loft arrangement creates enough space for your desk and dresser or various other items you may bring with you.

If you are a student requesting this service this after 5/24/17, by choosing “Yes” you will be placed on a waitlist for the bed lofting as we are currently fully reserved. Should you have questions, please reach out to Vlad Petrovic at vpetrovic@housing.utah.edu


Bed without loft (dimensions under bed)
Length: 80″
Width: 36″
Height: 8″ or 19.5″ (two positions)

Bed with loft (dimensions under bed)
Length: 80″
Width: 36″
Height: 44″ or 55.5″ (two positions)

2017-2018 Academic Year:  $81/academic year

2018-2019 Academic Year: No Charge for Lofting Service

Available at: Heritage Commons.

Important Note: If you change rooms or change your mind about lofting your bed there will be a $23 labor fee to move the loft.

Bed Lofting Service Agreement

In-room phones are no longer provided in the residence halls or apartments.  In some buildings, the room is equipped with a telephone jack. Plug your land-line phone* into the phone jack on the wall outlet of your room and you can have your own personal University of Utah number! Please note that if you move rooms there will be a new set up fee.

2017-2018 Academic Year Set Up Fee: $166

2017-2018 Academic Year Monthly Fee: $16

Available at: Heritage Commons (Chapel Glen, Gateway Heights, Sage Point, Officers Circle, Benchmark Plaza, and Shoreline Ridge)

*Students must supply their own phone

In Room Phone Agreement

Interior Dimensions
Width: 16″
Height: 6″
Depth: 14″

*style and color may vary

2017-2018 Academic Year: $119/academic year ($59 per semester)

Available at: Heritage Commons, the Marriott Honors Community, Cedar Court, Downtown Commons and Lassonde Studios.

Important Note: If you change rooms there will be a $23 labor fee to move the safe.

In Room Safe Rental Agreement

This storage area is great for skiers or snowboarders. Due to limited space, availability is based on first-come, first-serve basis.

Width: 3′
Height: 7′ 6″
Depth: 2′ 10″

2017-2018 Academic Year: $136/academic year ($68 per semester)

Personal Storage Rental Agreement 

You can conveniently reserve and purchase a bedding kit that includes (blanket, one set of sheets (flat and fitted), pillow, pillow case, towel, wash cloth) which will be delivered to your room prior to move in.

2017-2018 Academic Year: $84

Available at: Heritage Commons, Cedar Court, the Marriott Honors Community, Downtown Commons and Lassonde Studios

Everyone at the University of Utah is encouraged to prepare to for potential disasters they may encounter at any time with no warning. Students are allowed and encouraged to prepare and bring their own emergency preparedness kits. Just remember if you plan to keep these kits in your rooms to leave out prohibited items such as candles, flares, certain knives, etc.

Housing & Residential Education has purchased emergency kits from an outside vendor to sell to students at cost. These kits contain items that are allowed in our facilities. When purchased, the emergency kit will be placed in the student’s room prior to their arrival on campus and billed to a student’s account.

You can have a 24-hour kit delivered to your room that will include the basics to survive in case of an emergency. The kit includes:

  • 1: 3,600 calorie food bar
  • 3: Hard candies
  • 3: Bottled water
  • 3: Hand & body warmer
  • 1: Emergency poncho
  • 1: Emergency sleeping bag
  • 15 in 1 strike-anywhere matches
  • 1: Survival whistle
  • 1: Light stick
  • 1: LED flashlight with batteries
  • 1: First-Aid items
  • 1: Tissue pack
  • 1: Medium backpack

2017-2018 Academic Year: $38

Available at: Heritage Commons, Cedar Court, the Marriott Honors Community, Downtown Commons and Lassonde Studios.